Dear Officer, I See You.

Dear Officer,

I want you to know that I see you.  I see you choose the booth in the restaurant that allows you to have your back against the wall.  I see you walking to your next traffic stop while you hope that it isn’t your last.  I see you pulled over, two hours past your shift, as you finish your reports under a street light.  I see you as you direct traffic in the scorching heat, the gusting snow, and the downpour of rain.  I see you being filmed every time you try to do your job.   I see you as you watch mainstream media crucify your character while minimizing your cause.  I see that you are tired.  I see that you are frustrated and misunderstood.   I see that you are hurting as the world watches you bury your brothers and sisters that died because they were guilty of one thing; wearing a uniform with a badge.  I see you.  I see that you are flesh and bones just like me.  I see that you are a human being who has a heart that beats for your calling to serve and protect.  I see your cause and I want you to know that I appreciate it.

Sea of Blue

I hear you.  I hear the sound of the garage door open after a long night of consistent tragedy.  I hear the sounds of your heavy footsteps and I can instantly tell what kind of day it has been for you.  I hear the sound of your duty belt hit the kitchen table as you relieve your back from the 30 extra pounds you’ve been carrying all day.  I recognize the sound of Velcro as you unstrap your body armor and your work boots.  I hear the sound of the refrigerator open as you rummage for leftovers. You’re starving because you often go without breaks and without meals for an entire shift.  I hear the sound of your little boy’s bedroom door open as you enter his room.  I hear the sound of you kissing his cheek and whispering that you love him.  I hear the sound of your heartbeat as you choose to not share your day because you know that it will only scare me.  And even though you do not speak, I still hear you.  I still know that something happened on your shift that has broken your heart.

I feel you.  I feel the difference in the way you hug me before you leave to go to the grocery store and the way you hug me before you leave for one more night on your beat.  I feel the grip of your hand as they wheel you back to surgery to fix an injury you have sustained on the job.  I feel the wetness of your tears as you try to make sense of the tiny life that was taken by the hands of her parents.  I feel the sigh of relief when you see your little boy running towards you after you’ve experienced too much darkness in the world.  I feel the sinking of your morale as you watch a very vocal and sparse opposition  flood social media with their misplaced passion for their idea of justice.  I feel the way you look at me as you read that one more of your brothers or sisters have fallen victim to a hate crime.  We both know that it could be our family at any given moment.

Topeka Police Officer Killed

I need you.  We need you.  America needs you.  I know that the world isn’t making it any easier for you to wake up with the same passion you had when you first started.  I know the world is making it extremely difficult for you to feel like anyone is on your side.  I know the world is making you feel like the only allies you have can only be found in each other.  I know that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to put your life on the line for a world that has seemingly turned their backs on you. But, I also know that won’t stop you.  What the world seems to forget is that you don’t suit up every day for their approval.  You don’t put your life on the line so people will sing your praises from the mountain tops.  God knows you don’t do it for the money.  You do it because it’s your calling.  You do it for the generations to come.  You do it for the safety of those who do not have the means to protect themselves.  You do it because you believe that you can help goodness persevere in the face of evil.  You’ve chosen to be a warrior and warriors don’t hang up their hats because of the opinion of someone else.

I wish I knew how to fix it.  The only thing I know how to do is support you.  I’m aware that there isn’t a magic solution that will make the world see you for who you are; the amazing men and women in blue.  I just want you to know that I see you. I need you to know that you are appreciated by a vast majority who is in your corner.  I need you to know that you aren’t alone.  I need you to feel the presence of those who love and support you.  We are rallied behind you and ready to defend your character at any given moment.  You are honorable.  You are courageous.  You are worthy of a nation’s support.

We see you.  We need you.  We love you.  Thank you for your service.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  Thank you for getting up again today to protect my family.  You are undeniably my heroes.  I love you all.

Dedicated to the entire family of The Thin Blue Line. 

*In Memory of Officer Ramos and Officer Liu of the New York Police Department*

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289 Responses to Dear Officer, I See You.

  1. Ashley D says:

    Thanks for the incredibly well written tribute! As a wife of a Deputy, I feel as though your words hit the core of everything we forget to say, even to our own.


    • erin0606 says:

      I too am the wife of a Deputy Sheriff and I could not have written a more eloquent letter. As I read your post, with tears running down my face, I felt every word you wrote. Thank you for this.


    • Anne says:

      As the daughter, sister, niece and cousin of NYPD officers – Thank you!


    • Thankyou for the heartfelt letter. I am too, A daughter of a Police Officer Retired in Canada. It really touched my heart. Kim Kennedy-Bourne



      Thank you for such a heart warming letter. As a mother of 2 police officers I feel exactly as you do. Where would we be if not for our fine officers; that spend so much of their time away from their family just to protect us! GOD BLESS THEM ALL..


    • Susan Boguszewicz says:

      Thank You for this incredible tribute. I am the widow of a police officer who served for 31 1/2 years.
      He truly loved his job and I have always been proud of him. These men really are the HEROES!


  2. Wayne Davis says:

    I know the feeling that was put into this great letter it means a lot that some people do understand our feelings


  3. Jo Anne Sallia says:

    I was, once the wife of an officer…I know those emotions, I felt the pains. They deserve our support & reverence. Yes, as in all vocations there are a few we can point to for unfaithfulness to their mission, yet the VAST majority live their calling with every breath whether on duty or off. Their sacrifices can not be counted.


  4. Deanna says:

    Thank you from a police officer’s wife.Today just brings reality closer in my life. It’s nice to have the support of others to help us get through the tough times and to bring closer to others. We all need to remember that even though this has happened our life still goes on and our people in blue still go on . So I pray everyday my husband goes out that door that at his end of shift he comes back through my door. God bless all of you.


  5. Larry says:

    That was a great letter,would be great if more people would understand what goes on in a uniform!!


  6. withlovelexi says:

    Oh my goodness this was amazing to read, thank you so much for writing this! I can only imagine how many hearts have been moved by this art of gratitude. Know, that you are always being prayed for and you are loved 🙂


  7. erin0606 says:

    As the wife of a Deputy Sheriff, I could not have written a more eloquent letter. I felt every word as I read with tears running down my face. I am going to print this out and give it to my husband, that is once he gets home from his shift. Thank you!


  8. As the mother of a young officer, I have read this a dozen times & shared these beautifully written words on facebook. My heart has been saddened by the recent events in our country. My only wish, is this letter, would be on the front page of every newspaper, in every city across America! God bless you for your words!


  9. Paul Davis says:

    I’m a retired Deputy Sheriff, my wife also works as a Deputy. I know all too well both the strain of the job as well as the worry of a police spouse. Thanks for your words.


  10. Rhiannon Ivy says:

    I am a 911 dispatcher and my heart goes out not just to the brothers and sisters in arms with the fallen officers, and not just to their friends and families, but also to the dispatcher that has to put out the officer’s final dispatch traffic. I can not imagine how difficult that must be to get through. I commend those who can and my heart goes out to those who have had to. I pray for a day where no officer has to be laid to rest before their time.


  11. Deborah Kendrick says:

    Thank you … Thank you. I am the proud sister of a retired Detective. Your words have touched my heart and soul. In these times of sadness, we needed to hear from you…you who know exactly what these brave men and women do each and every day to keep us safe! Thank you


    • weldontravis says:

      Thirty-three years of survival with the Marin County, California Sheriff’s Department during some very turbulent times!. I was fortunate to have two very understanding, supportive, accepting wives. The first had no idea of my upcoming decision to become a PEACE officer. Altruism struck. Either one could have written this tribute.

      Three of my fellow deputies committed suicide. I still have pleasant dreams and thrashing nightmares at 76 years. The local officers and bad guys know I’m still around and active in Rough and Ready.

      You can read part of my story if you Google “Deputy Sheriff Weldon Travis.”


      • Phil T says:

        Hi Weldon, Phil here in Grass Valley. We have met many times when I have dropped off guest at the “Blue Roof Hotel”. Keep safe.


  12. Diana DeGraw says:

    absolutley, hands down the most well written words (true words) I have read in a very long time. I hope it does make the front page of the New York Times, I for one would cut it out and frame it! Very proud to have friends and relatives in blue and I pray daily that at the end of each shift they come home and at some point during their shift had something good happen to remind them why they strap on that duty belt every day.


  13. Bill Killgore says:

    A very eloquent and moving letter. I am a retired deputy sheriff and it brought tears to my eyes. I have seen too many fine men and women put to rest far too soon and it’s heart rending to see the vile actions of many mindless people. God bless all our brave men and women and keep them safe. I pray the same for our military.


  14. I am a proud mother of a officer and pray everyday for his safety.It is heard to take when people badmouth these great men and women but they are the first they yell at when something happens.


  15. L. Wyatt says:

    What a moving letter. Thank you from a retired Chicago Police Detective. Not a lot of people appreciate what we do. Once again Thank you for a very moving letter.


  16. Barbara Ann says:

    I am also the mother of a police officer and I pray for his safety every day. Beautiful tribute. Thank you.


  17. Billie J Hall says:

    Thanks so much for giving us a TRUE picture of our beloved police.


  18. Jeanie Wheeler says:

    God Bless our men in blue who still continue to serve and protect! Amazing Grace to all of us! Thank you all!


  19. Brenda Endsley says:

    Breaks my heart to read this, because I know it is true! They give so much and ask so little. A proud mother.


  20. Carla Kidd says:

    I am grateful for all of our men and women in blue! They put their lives first to protect us! Yes there are a few that don’t need to be in this line of work but I pray for all of them! I thank you all for your braveness and your devotion! God bless each and everyone of you serving!!


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  22. Robert Boehlert says:

    Thank You! It is an amazing letter. After 29 years as a Police Officer, it really hits home. Thank You.


  23. I am a Canadian and the mother of police officer in a major Canadian city. I read this amazing posting and agreed with every word. It breaks my heart when I hear people denigrate the police, yes there are some “bad apples” but on the whole these fine men and women dedicate their life to saving yours. What could be more unselfish than that. Keep up the good work and know that the majority of the population in US and Canada are with you all the way.


  24. gaylerg says:

    Just Beautiful


  25. Candy Biller says:

    I’m a retired Deputy after 23 years of service but I was also 8 and a half months pregnant with our daughter when I got that early morning call. Thank heaven my husband survived, but I often think of the one who didn’t and how his family hurt. My husband was never the same, and no one ever goes out that day thinking it will be their last. We are all just doing our best.


  26. Mary Chambers says:

    How wonderfully and beautifully written and how unfortunate it needed to be done!


  27. Thank you for this. It brought tears to my eyes as tomorrow my police husband is having major knee surgery. He sustained an injury on the job and the criminal who caused it got off with no punishment. Meantime my husband will be out of work for at least 6-9 months which means a huge financial burden on us. Thank you for writing this and supporting our law enforcement.


    • Hey landonandcaden!
      I saw your comment under policelivesmatter. I am sorry your hubby has to go through this. I’ve been in that situation myself and it is EXTREEEEEEEMELY frustrating (no one seems to care or ever hear about the abuse cops take while “the System” protects THE CRIMINAL!).
      Does hubby’s agency have Aflac available? MINE did & I know of several, several instances where either I or one of my Brothers or Sisters was very, very glad for it.
      It pays for “short term disability” , “long term disability” , annual physicals, some dental bills, and a whole HOST of other things that any cop benefits from and, to me, it is a MUST for cops with families…(so, while hubby is receiving medical pay, Aflac MATCHES the salary & its like getting double salary for the time he can’t do the off-duty details).
      If you don’t have it, please have hubby check in to signing up for it. And if his agency doesn’t have it, you would seriously be doing the entire agency and all of the attached families a favor by trying to get the agency to offer Aflac to it’s LEOs!!!
      Another thing you two COULD look into is suing worker’s comp–you are not suing the agency, you are suing worker’s comp which is different. If hubby will have ANY lasting issues due to the injury he sustained, he’ll DEFINITELY win the suit (and departments do not hold it against the LEO like they would if the LEO was suing his own agency). Like, for me, when I was in Vice, my knee got shot out by a crackhead I was chasing. The injury eventually healed, but….I will ALWAYS have SOME “issue” because of the injury and I still get stiffness & swelling and doc’s said to expect arthritis in that area. So I could have sued worker’s comp had I wanted to due to future pain, suffering, and partial future disability caused by that on-the-job injury.
      Hope this info helps you guys in some way!
      Stay strong, Stay Safe!


  28. James Robinson says:

    As a former officer, and the father of two currently serving officers who police in the Detroit Metro area, I am greatly moved by this letter. It catches the feelings that my wife, daughter-in-law and son-in law have and have had as we pursued our profession. Thank you, from those now serving and those who have served. And as we compliment the writer we can all dedicate ourselves to be looking out for these officers day after day. They have had our “backs” for as long as a police officer has walked the beat and it’s time we had theirs!. God Bless and stay safe to all of you who wear the badge.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Vickie Spakowski says:

    Well said. I too thank each and everyone of our men and women in uniform. Thank you for keeping us safe. You are truly appreciated. Stay safe !


  30. hwy505 says:

    Beautiful – Thank you!


  31. Martha says:

    I have no family members in the police force. But I feel and say … God Bless our men and women in blue who still continue to serve and protect! Same goes to many of my family members serving with the Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, National Guard and the Marines. God bless and keep you all safe.

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  32. Paula says:

    I am the mother, mother-in-law and aunt of officers. It scared me when my daughter joined the police force but I learned to live with that. Now that our leaders continue to throw our police under the bus, I am scared all over again and am damn angry. Thank you so much for your wonderful letter.

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  33. Rich says:

    Thank You,

    My father was an officer, he loved his job, they get very little gratitude, they only see the reality of the streets on a daily basis. Home and family and their uniformed brothers and sisters are the only ones that truly understand what it is like. The one stranger they help or save is why they continue to risk their future.

    Bless all, police, military and the public servants that protect the rest of us.

    Be safe, and God bless all of you.



  34. James Black (Ret) Police Officer Jefferson County Ky says:

    Wonderful comments


  35. I’m the Mother of a Police Chief Detective. I want you (Officers) to know that you are SO cherished by many more than those that abuse and hate you. You are the great Protectors, the Braver Ones, the ones the World depends on to maintain any level of Peace. Blessings and God speed to all of you. We have your back. Love, Mom


  36. Nancy says:

    I thank all our police officers and their support systems as well as our firemen and women and all of our men and women in the armed services. These people have served us and given their lives for us all and all deserve our respect and thanks. Without them, our country would not remain free and no one would be able to speak their mind or do what they want to do. Our country needs to be more respectful. It is ok to disagree but people need to learn to talk before fighting and killing someone because you don’t agree or are jealous of something someone else has.


  37. Thank you for putting this into prospective. Each day we all find our self-pushing on through our world not thinking of the men and women in uniform who make our world livable and work. We don’t stop and inventory the sacrifices made by others, we just reed with hurting heart when one more police man/woman or trooper is ambushed by the lawless of this land. I am not in my 70’s and can never remember a time in my life span where there has been so much lack of understanding to the very basic concept that it takes work to hold the lifestyle of America together. Just because I am retired I don’t forget the workingman’s creed of going to work each day to provide for our families. I did take care of them and watched out for our neighbors. I won’t get into the questions of where did this all go wrong. From where I sit and seeing the lack of respect that has blighted our community’s is like the incoming tide. Hate and greed are part a part of this mix though a lack of faith and compassion seem to be part of this formula as well. Old people don’t seem to be listened to for their clarion views are nothing more that negative to the ME generation. I don’t like the fact that this president uses his bully pulpit to energize the ends meets the means. Though it is not just him for the rest of Washington have their finger prints all over this malfunction. Listening and becoming informed is so important. We as humans are not endowed with all of the answers though we do have some of the ingredients that make up the truth. I want to openly appreciate the decent and cogent writing that was presented by the writer of this well thought out, well-crafted letter that is known as

    Dedicated to the entire family of The Thin Blue Line.
    *In Memory of Officer Ramos and Officer Liu of the New York Police Department*

    Thank you for your service as a wife and supporter to one of the hardest gobs in America.


  38. Sadie Caroline says:

    Beautiful. I have had nothing but amazing help from the police force. As a single woman, I have had many scares and the cops have always, always arrived i”at the scene” within 3 to 5 minutes. Because of their devotion, I now volunteer at our local detention center. Our officers have helped me find bravery within myself. Thank you for putting your lives on the line.


  39. Thomas Hesch says:

    Perfect! And, isn’t it about time that such recognition and appreciation be given where it is long, long overdue? I am so fed up with the idiot bleeding heart liberals that wouldn’t have the slightest idea what to do if they needed a police officer in an emergency .. and there was none to be had! Many thanks to the author of that wonderful tribute!


  40. Jodi Glazner says:



  41. Nadien Haneman says:

    As a mother and mother-in-law and friend of police officers I had tears in my eyes while reading this wonder tribute. We need to get this out to all our friends and the front pages of all our newspapers so the flood of appreciation letters will come from everyone not just the families and loved ones of our brave and dedicated police officers.


  42. M.Dyer says:

    We are the LOVING, PROUD and VERY FORTUNATE parents and in-laws of two Detectives in a major city in the southwest…they are also very active in their resident community with their four children…we pray every night and day that the words of my son ” I WAS BORN TO BE A COP.” , is never forgotten in the minds of his friends and family….WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOUR OCCUPATION


  43. Jayne Sams says:

    Yet another peace officers wife here. My husband is retired now after a long and fulfilling career. I bless him and all those who aspire to this calling, and for the families waiting for their return each day.


  44. Emily says:

    That was beautifully written . Thank you. I am a daughter of a police offer that died one year after he retired. So much of what you said I relate to growing up, and even now, find myself struggling with media, politics, violence and a complete lack of connection that we are all human. Growing up, I did not see what I see now, so thank you. Thank you for articulating what I feel, even though people may disagree, it is what I FEEL. And you gently and factually expressed what the public chooses to ignore or just cant relate. Thank you.


  45. Kerrianne says:

    Ex-police Officer and proud police officer’s wife in Australia, this letter is truly a wonderful tribute to all Police Officers around the world, thank you for sharing.


  46. George Waslicki, SGT/RET, Jacksonville, NC Police Department. says:

    Thank you.


  47. Mike says:

    Thanks for getting yours posted. A fitting tribute…I wrote the open letter below on Christmas Eve and sent it to every paper I know of…

    “I am the brother of a New York City police officer. In the aftermath of the tragedy that has happened in Brooklyn with the execution of two of New York’s finest, he doesn’t really want to talk. He doesn’t really want to celebrate Christmas with his family, or drink a beer, or watch football on a Sunday. He wants to understand what has happened. He’d rather think about the world that has turned on his police brethren that protect all of us and what comes next.

    What has been occurred in the past few months has made our country shudder violently. There is talk of restricting police even more and stripping them of any autonomy they have to protect innocent people in their city. Why isn’t there any utopias on the planet? We talk about a perfect society where humans don’t need rule of law and if we were all just took care of each other, there would be no need for war, weapons, or police. So why doesn’t a place like this exist on our planet? Outside of some Buddhists monks living on a mountain there is a dire need of blue line that protects us from the evils of man. And now we have reached a point where the people that protect us not only have to worry about the small percentage of criminals, but the masses when they are whipped into a fury by the media or civil leaders.

    I know the silent majority is out there. I hear you. I hear you when you saw me wearing my NYPD shirt today at the mall Christmas shopping and you gave me a nod saying you were with me. I hear you when you texted me asking if my brother was hurt and you thought it was a travesty of what was happening in our cities. I hear you when you whisper that all these protests are not representative of the majority of what believe is right. I hear you, but the rest of the country does not.

    So what needs to happen next? It’s certainly not another sibling of a cop to write an article or posting something on Facebook, it’s something that makes the country wake up of what is really going on. It is the other side of the coin of the protests that have recently tried to intimate the silent majority and chant that what they want are “dead cops.”

    The next step needs to be a sports team that walks into their stadium(which the Giants and Jets have done) and has #JustDoingTheirJob on their shoes because when those brave officers were cowardly executed, that’s exactly what they were doing. They were on watch in a city where millions of the silent majority live and can go about their day without worry of rape, murder, or robbery. The next step needs to be a Hollywood star that walks up to a cop and shakes his hand after tweeting a selfie with a hashtag of #BlueLivesMatter. We need a shift of who is making the most noise in this debate.

    To those of you that disagree with my position (and I know there will be many) I dare you to walk around your city without the police looking out for you. Unless you are a criminal or someone that has been preparing for the zombie apocalypse, you won’t fare too well. Cops are as necessity regardless of the skin color of the neighborhood. If a white criminal charged a black cop and tried to take his gun while attacking the cop was shot, I would have the same reaction that I had when I heard about the victim in Ferguson. “Don’t attack the people that protect the good people of the world.” But in that world, I wouldn’t have heard of that cop because that’s not national news. Its local news where that black cop is a hero because he survives a situation where someone tried to kill him and maybe he gets 3 minutes of airtime on the 11 o’clock news. Surviving an attack like that is a incredible battle of wills, but we seem to forget that as we let unqualified leaders whip the masses into hysteria because that equation was flipped.

    So if you agree with me, why are you silent?
    #SupportBlue #NYPD


    Michael is former Marine Corps Office, owner of a shooting range, and brother of a NYPD Sergeant


  48. very touching, as a retired police officer, asst. chief and chief of police in a small town in ga. also many years as a deputy sheriff, i really want to thank you for putting into words what many have been saying all along. there had been many times in my career that i have went home sore, brused and bandaged from my job, i;ve even worked with a foot swelled so bad i could nt wear a shoe on my foot. but as only a law enforce ment officer would know the job does not not stop when your hurt, you put a smile on ,joke about your injure;s and go on with your job, because if not you? then who? recently a very good friend of mind passed away, after 30 yrs, as sheriff of dooly co. ga, he will be missed , but i know he loved his job, helping people and one of his long term deputys will take his place because even tho we hurt the work never stops. everyone say a little prayer for a officer every time you see one, there really working for you.


    • Cebie Dorsey says:

      Thank you for your service! My youngest brother is also a deputy sheriff (in Charles Co., MD). He is a great guy & an excellent officer. He makes us so proud & I pray for his & other officers’ safety every day. Every time an officer falls, I feel that pang in my heart & know that in the past 25 + years, it could have been our family affected. And the lunacy of these recent incidents worry us so much.
      Be careful out there, folks. Come home to your loved ones!
      Please know that these ‘protestors’ DO NOT have the SUPPORT of the MAJORITY!


  49. James Soules says:

    I was (still am) in tears as I read your letter. I am the son of a former Deputy. I have to say that, yes, I have been in trouble with the law albeit over 30 years ago, but I have NEVER lost my respect and support for the men and women who serve to protect myself and my family.I am appalled by the treatment of police officers and by the murder of officers, for no other reason than they wear a badge and a uniform.

    Please express my sincere Thank you for your service and Keep Safe. We support you!


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