There is a War on Goodness.

Michael Moore reminded me of something that I had forgotten.  For a moment, I had narrowed my views to believing that there was a war on police officers.  Don’t get me wrong.  There absolutely is a blatant attack that is focused on our law enforcement community.  I’m not saying that there isn’t.  I’m saying that it is just a small sliver of the bigger picture.  It’s symbolic to the grand scheme of things.  There is a war on goodness. There is a war on virtue and morality.  Mr. Moore brought that to the lime light with this single comment:

“My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse.”

There is a huge part of me that knows that Michael Moore just said this because he is desperate to remain relevant in a world that desperately wants to forget him.  His contributions looks like a grain of sand compared to someone like Chris Kyle. Michael Moore is one of those people that want to see the world fail.  He wants to be the negative commentary in a world that is celebrating the life of a man who served selflessly and heroically. When our history books are written, that is the kind of man Michael Moore will be.  The irony is that Chris Kyle will go down in history as a man who fought for the very rights that Michael Moore uses to villainize his existence.  That’s a tragedy.

Any man or woman who is willing to put on a uniform every single day to protect a country that doesn’t always appreciate them is clearly not doing it for the recognition.  I can honestly say that I would not have what it takes to turn the other cheek.  People in uniform are required to do that every single day.  And even though their country is using the very rights they are defending against them, they still suit up and put their lives on the line.  It’s men like Chris Kyle who are put in situations that the rest of us will never be able to understand.  It’s men and women like our officers who are being assassinated at work because they refuse to stop standing up for righteousness and justice. They make me realize how small my contribution is compared to theirs.  Writing how thankful I am will never seem like enough.

The RCMP had to say goodbye to one of their officers today.  As I watched his broken wife announce this terrible and tragic news, I wept.  Const. David Wynn, of Alberta, was shot at point blank range while responding to a stolen vehicle report.  He was the 42 year old father of three and a beloved husband to his wife, Shelly MacInnis-Wynn.  I’m tired of watching police wives bury their husbands.  I’m tired of them losing their spouses and the father of their children because people have no regard for the law.  I’m tired of them having to say goodbye early because there is a war on their existence.

I know that there are more people out there who see what is happening.  I just can’t help but wonder why they aren’t speaking up.  Are they afraid?  Are they too busy to notice?  I’m not really sure anymore.  I do know that there is a war happening around us.  It is a war that is targeting our right to goodness and our desires to preserve it.  Wake up, America.  We are in the middle of a battle and it’s time to decide what side of the fence you represent.  Do you represent goodness or do you represent tolerance?  We no longer have the luxury to be silent.

SHelly Wynn



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One Response to There is a War on Goodness.

  1. Sue B. says:

    No, I am not afraid. I support law enforcement through word and deed everyday. I recognize that the thin blue line is all that stands between us and civil chaos. But we, the “silent majority”, will not engage in protests or acts of civil disobedience. Our cause will never garner the attention, or support, of the main stream media. We do not have the infrastructure, or high visibility voices, of the protest groups that are demonizing law enforcement. I agree that we are in very dangerous times and that there is a concerted effort to destroy the very foundations of our country. And, like you, I am only one voice.


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