“Dear Officer, I See You” Video Tribute


About humanizing_the_badge

A group of creatives that is dedicating their talent to encouraging and supporting our Law Enforcement and their families. This is not a site where we are willing to allow negative comments about Law Enforcement. Don't even waste your time. If you want to debate something, leave it to the comment sections in your local news paper. It isn't welcome here. This is a place to encourage and support our Law Enforcement Families. HTB Productions 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4184 Valley Cottage, NY 10989
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29 Responses to “Dear Officer, I See You” Video Tribute

  1. cynthia vigil says:

    thank God for the officers in this world.

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  2. Ken Blue says:

    I don’t know who did this video, but it brought me to tears…let me say…Thank-you


  3. Lady Blue says:

    Great job! Blue lives do matter!


  4. BlueBlood says:

    Thank you everyone in Law Enforcement!

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  5. Cdreamgirl says:

    Reblogged this on Tidbits n Treasures and commented:
    by Humanizing_the_badge..
    Thank you Cecelia.. for your sacrifice and service.


  6. katecelani says:

    This is beautiful, I will share with my police officer. He will appreciate this so very much. Thank you.

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  7. Erik McNichol says:

    Thank you. As a LEO with 17 years of experience I can honestly say that this video is what I (and our brothers and sisters in blue) needed when I needed it. Thank you for shining a light on the good of society.

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  8. rubenstahlmj says:

    Brought me to tears. Sounds like she’s sitting in my house observing… Thank you so much for this. 💙

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  9. Beautiful! Thank you to every peace officer across the nation and abroad!


  10. So emotional for me as a mother of a Police Officer. Beautifully done, Thank you!


  11. TAnderson says:

    To the creator(s) of this wonderful, touching video: Thank You!! You get it, you really, really get it. In our darkest hours of public opinion, this tribute is a shining star.

    Serving with pride and honor for 35 years. “Sarge”


  12. Michael says:

    On behalf of all my brothers and sisters in blue and our families…….GOD BLESS, the creators of this video…its the little things that happen and are said that are the most uplifting. With tears on my face and pride in my heart. We thank you..


  13. debra says:

    Tanks to all officers that give up there time to protect us and some give up their time when they could be with their families.To all that’s been on all night shifts come home to rest then they have to get suited up again to go back out to continue to protect our families.May god always be with them so they can come home to their families safe and sound.Always be sure and kiss your partner to have a safe and blessed day.Love ❤ all men and women that protect our friends and families.Thank you oh so much.😊


  14. Stacy says:



  15. I love this, it’s exactly how I feel for all our men and women officers. You are my heroes and please don’t ever forget it. You are awesome in all that you do. Great work, great job. I am proud of all of you no matter what. You face so much the moment you leave you families and home to go our and do a job not many can really do. I love you all and I pray for everyone of you to please be safe. God bless.

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  16. Paul says:

    As a police officer for over 20 years, the only thing I have not experienced that was mentioned is directing traffic in the snow (I work in So CA). Everything else mentioned resonates. Thank you for the tribute.


  17. Mike Nichols says:

    All I can offer is a huge thank you from my heart,,,,


  18. Thank you, Officer, for all you do! My family and I appreciate you all.


  19. Vickie says:

    Incredible and true! Our country’s streets are safer every day for the hard work of our men and women behind the badge. They amaze me with the courage and grace that they continually conduct themselves, even when under such difficult circumstances.


  20. Joanne Humphreys says:

    You all said it better than I could. I treasure my friendship with the officers that I consider friends. thank you for everyday that I live safely.


  21. Lisa Menjou says:

    Thank you hardly seems enough for what you give, but THANK YOU!


  22. Lt. K. Bulla says:

    This was a very touching video and thank you for creating it. I was wanting to see if I could use some of the ideas and concepts with the signs along with the letter reading itself for my department’s Memorial Breakfast video. Please cotact me when possible, thanks


  23. My dad was an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman for 26 years and a police chief for 20 years after that. His entire life has been law enforcement, and he chose it because he loves to help people. this video encompasses my childhood. I can’t thank you enough for making it, and I can’t thank the other commenters on this post enough for how kind their words are. It’s a rough world for officers these days, and building a sense of community is everything. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  24. Tom Webster says:

    Thanks from old retired “COP” from Jersey City.


  25. lori says:

    as a dispatcher, wife of a retired police officer , mother and mother in law of police officers I thank you and know I will always protect you


  26. Karl L. Ore says:

    It was after I retired from 23 of service that I realized what I gave and received from the job and
    the community I served. I am so grateful!


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