We Will Keep Writing.

We received our first death threat.  I read it over and over again before I submitted it to the FBI for review.  I wasn’t reading it because the person actually made me afraid.  I was reading it because I was trying to understand exactly what I had said that warranted him to threaten to take my life.  It’s not that he wants to hurt me or even exchange some angry words with me.  It’s that he wants to kill me.  He wants to take me from the hands of my husband and from the life of my 4 year old little boy.  He wants to strip my parents of their little girl and take me away from my older sisters and brother.  He wants my friends and family to come together in a common place and mourn my loss.

I’m not even a police officer.  And just like him, I’m a civilian.  He’s angry with me because of one reason.  He’s angry because I don’t agree with him. There are a lot of people in this world that I do not agree with and, I can honestly say without hesitation, I’ve never once threatened another human life.  I’ve experienced feelings of deep anger and even deeper grief.  I have spent hundred of days and thousands of hours next to my child in a hospital bed.  I’ve been robbed at gunpoint at a gas station.  I’ve been substantially hurt and wounded by people I’ve loved.  I’ve never once thought that my life circumstances entitled me to that kind of hatred and resentment.  I learned somewhere along the way that if I allowed those feelings to engulf me, I would lose.  I would lose everything I ever wanted to represent.

If you’re reading this now, kind sir that wants to take my life, I just want you to know that I’m not afraid of you.  Even more so, I want you to know that I forgive you.  You don’t get to win here.  You don’t get to plant little seeds of fear into my life because you don’t agree with my stances.  I do, however, want people to understand why I write about humanizing the badge.  I don’t do it because I believe that police officers are infallible.  I know they are human.  I know that they make mistakes.  Even more so, I know some of them shouldn’t be an officer at all.  You can’t humanize the people in Law Enforcement without stating both sides and I’m telling you this; I know there are bad cops.  And just like you, I want those cops held accountable for their actions.  I don’t want them representing the vast majority anymore than you want them to be an officer.  I can assure you that.

Let me tell you why I do write.  I write because I don’t believe in discrimination.  I don’t believe in prejudices.  I believe in accountability that is held to an individual instead of a single characteristic.  I reject the notion that one person can represent an entire race, occupation, religion, sexual preference, or gender.  I reject the idea that the majority of our species is bad.  I embrace the innocent and honor the good.  If you are against what you claim to be against, I’m doing exactly what you should want me to be doing.  I’m encouraging the honorable to keep fighting and to keep pursuing the integrity of the badge.  I’m speaking both sides of the story and trying my hardest to breathe light into a seemingly very dark world.  Other than my untimely death, what do you want, sir?  I’m willing to discuss my differences with people in an intelligent manner.  I am, however, not going to take a threat to my well-being lightly.

Also, I would like for it to be known that it isn’t just me.  Humanizing the Badge is more than one person.  It’s several persons. It’s an entire group of people who have decided to take a stand and try to encourage those who deserve our encouragement. We choose to do these things without attacking or devaluing the life of any individual.  Our message is a positive one.  Our message it to help the good keep fighting.  It’s to tell the truth when the truth is so often skewed.  That is why I write.  And, I’m going to continue to write about those who are worthy of my cause.  And since the vast majority of our officers are worthy of that cause, that just means I’m going to be writing for a very long time.


Until next time.


About humanizing_the_badge

A group of creatives that is dedicating their talent to encouraging and supporting our Law Enforcement and their families. This is not a site where we are willing to allow negative comments about Law Enforcement. Don't even waste your time. If you want to debate something, leave it to the comment sections in your local news paper. It isn't welcome here. This is a place to encourage and support our Law Enforcement Families. HTB Productions 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4184 Valley Cottage, NY 10989
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9 Responses to We Will Keep Writing.

  1. Georgia Ward says:

    We have your back and believe as you do or would not be here. Whoever this dimwit is, will not stop the community from getting our message out. Our peace officers are worthy of our dedication to the cause. I for one am with you one hundred percent!


  2. Ann Davis says:

    You should continue writing. There’s a lot more of us than them–the haters, the people who don’t want to understand what most officers and families stand for. I’m proud of you all. And yes, there are some bad apples in the barrel but at the same time–if people aren’t doing something wrong and just comply–all will be okay. And yes, I’m not so naive not to know minorities do carry an undue burden–but it is better. I just wish younger minorities would study the time and incidents of the ’60’s understand a large majority of people (black and white) stood up for their rights and also DIED for their rights. Please don’t throw away your chances to live the American Dream. Stay in school and get an education–that is the true way out. The door is open just walk through.


  3. Lynette Mae says:

    I stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago and have been very moved by your message and commitment. I’m a new writer as well and just wanted to show support. Keep writing. Keep speaking about justice and righteousness. I believe the vast majority of law abiding citizens support us. God bless.


  4. Deanna says:

    Keep up the great work!!!


  5. Abel says:

    I want to thank you. This website is amazing and I wanted you to know that I shared your “we see you” video on my instagram account. I am encouraging everyone I know to share it. It is a very moving video and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to even view it. God bless you, your family and all of the LEO’S out there.


  6. Patrick says:

    As a law enforcement officer, I am thankful to you and others who appreciate what we do. I also understand the distrust and anger some hold based on the bad actions of the few. We, like you, want these bad cops out off our ranks probably more so than anyone else. They give us all a bad name and tarnish the badge. But where I understand how some may feel, I find it hard to just simply ignore the negative comments and threats toward us and our families. I have done this job for over two decades and have never killed anyone or caused anyone undue harm. I have had to fight to defend myself and others and will continue to do so until I am no longer able. I’m tired of people blaming ous for others getting hurt or killed at the hands of law enforcement when they forced the situation in most cases. Yes, some cops have used excessive or unjustified force and they should be held accountable when it was out of hand. But just like the rest of mankind, we are human and can make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes are deadly. They are often made in the blink of an eye and based in part on what has been reported to 911, coupled with the actions of others. Society has unlimited time to analyze and criticize what we do in a matter of seconds.
    I once testified in trial for six hours over a pursuit resulting in a death, that from start to finish lasted 40 seconds. I was questioned over and over about the slightest details to include when I turned on the blue lights, when I turned them off. I drew maps for the defense attorney in front of the jury. There was direct and redirect over and over in a story that took up a page in a report. This is the luxury society has that often is not afforded to law enforcement. Don’t be so quick to condem those who try to protect you.


    • Patrick says:

      I hate auto correct. This site should allow editing a thread.


      • I got you covered. 🙂 I agree with everything you just said too. I made one guy who wrote a negative comment extremely mad by turning it into the most positive comment ever. I think it’s weird that I can edit them but you can’t.

        Ps. That fake positive comment has since been removed.


  7. Kevin McGee says:

    keep doing what you do! There are so many more people who support this than you know! We will win! We got your back!


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