Because They Signed Up For It.

A certain phrase has been bothering me.  It is a sentence that seems to manage it’s way into every comment section of any news story.  It’s a minimizing phrase.  It’s ignorant, offensive, and ill-intended.  Today, the state of Texas has their flags at half-mast.  It’s in honor of a fallen military hero that we all know as Chris Kyle.  I think it is inarguable that Chris Kyle served his country and that he served his country well.  And, not just once.   He served our country on 4 different tours to Iraq.  People may disagree on certain parts of his story or whether or not he deserves his own day but, I think any reasonable person has to agree that he was very much an American soldier. That alone makes him a hero in my eyes.

I found myself reading the comments under the story about Chris Kyle Day.  Amateur mistake, I know.  I know better than to allow myself to go there, however, while I was there I saw that same comments I always see when reading an article about our police.

“He signed up for it.”

“He knew what was at risk when he enlisted.” 

“It’s his job.  I don’t get a day for doing my job.”

And, I can’t disagree with them.  Stick with me here.  I haven’t completely lost my mind or sold my morality to the highest bidder.  If you think about it, no matter how ignorant their comments are, they are right.  Our soldiers and our officers do sign up for it.  It is their job.  And, furthermore, they do it all while knowing the risks that come along with it.  The difference between me and the minimizer dwelling in the comments section is that I actually appreciate their sacrificial willingness.

I’m not sure where the sideline quarterbacks with a keyboard decided it was okay to use their freedom of speech to attack those who preserve it by fighting for it abroad.   And, they absolutely do have that right.  It’s just unfortunate to me that people aren’t utilizing that in a positive manner.  Can you imagine a world where everyone used their freedom of speech to positively engage in a productive dialog?  Me either.  Social Media has closed the gap on all hope for repairing our relationships between one another.  Why do we want to bring them down?  Why do we want to chisel away at the ones who represent the vast majority of who they are by demeaning their sacrifice?  Why would we ever want them to feel isolated and alone?  All we are doing by allowing this to happen, America, is asking them to no longer sign up because the sacrifice is no longer worth it.

Personally, I think it’s because there is a large sum of people who lack any conviction or calling.  Or maybe their calling is to be a thorn of negativity without solution.  My only request to them is that they will choose to dream bigger.  Use their society-given networking powers for good instead of evil and division.  We can no longer afford to keep dividing.  We can no longer afford to minimize and criminalize the sacrifice of those who were brave enough to sign up to protect us.  Whether you are in law enforcement or military, you signed up for the job because it’s who you are.  I appreciate you.  So many others appreciate you, too.

I am able to write this to you from the comfort of my cozy desk because you signed up for it.  I am able to say thank you for all that you do because your willingness to bravely fight for us.  And even though it is your job, you didn’t have to do that.  You could have chosen to be a citizen with a relatively normal life.  You could have been a citizen quarterbacking from the comfort of your own home. You signed up for the front line.  I’ll never undermine or devalue your sacrifice.  I’ll simply just say “thank you.”  Thank you for signing up for it even though you knew the risk and the consequences.  Thank you for being noble and courageous when the rest of us can choose to run and hide.

We have a lot to be thankful for these days.  We have a lot of good men and women out there serving and protecting us.  You can say that you pay their salary and buy their uniforms all that you want.  That doesn’t take away from what they are actually doing for us. Try showing them some gratitude.  Try seeing them for humans that made an extraordinary sacrifice for your freedom and safety instead of a political agenda.

It’s simple.  Because they signed up for it, you don’t have to.  If that doesn’t warrant your “thank you”, I’m not sure you can grasp sacrifice at all.  “The Signed Up For It” is a lousy excuse to minimize and demonize someone’s sacrifice.  If you’re taking part in that dialog well, shame on you.  While we are all arguing about whether or not he should have had his own day, the real world is still happening.  Evil is still taking place.  Arguing about it isn’t going to help combat that fact.  The real American tragedy is the division amongst her people.  It most certainly isn’t because of the Chris Kyles of this world.  Thank you for your service, Soldiers.  You have our support.

Until Next Time.

American Flag


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5 Responses to Because They Signed Up For It.

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard or read a variation of those phrases and I’ve always held the belief that people who utter those words show themselves to be lazy, egotistical and somewhat stupid. Those phrases are a blanket excuse made by *special* people who want to have something to say on a subject when they have nothing intelligent to contribute to the discussion.

    What the people who make those statements do not realize is, the same is true for them in some form or fashion regarding their jobs or the choices they make every day.. I could name fifty different scenarios where I could blame the person for putting themselves in the situation where they were harmed and/or something bad happened to them. But oh, wait–I forgot–when these *special* people’s job or choices end up causing THEM to be harmed in some way, it will be someone ELSE’S fault, right?

    But what I REALLY want to know is: When did we become a society that blames the VICTIM rather than the PERPETRATOR?! We show empathy for criminals and wrongdoers based upon their race, ethnicity, and sex rather than hold them accountable for their crimes and wrongdoings. We also vilify the innocent based upon race, ethnicity and sex. When did this happen and why is it so acceptable?

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  2. Dennis ODonnell, Long Island NY says:

    The expression “they signed up for it, its their job” is used by a growing segment of the population. These folks are a new breed of idiot. Unlike in the past, they are no longer shy about being ignorant, arrogant, or terribly insensitive. Not too long ago comments like that would be socially unacceptable, NOT TODAY. It is now socially acceptable, even encouraged, to demonstrate your arrogance, ignorance and insensitivity in the rudest manner possible. And so there you have it. They are lost causes. I just pray they are not pro-creating.


  3. Mark White says:

    Thank you.


  4. erin0606 says:

    I agree with you, they do sign up for it knowing the risks. And it is that choice to sign up for a job, knowing the extremely high amount of risk, in order to help society, that is heroic in itself. So, when someone says they signed up for it, I tell them, they sure did. And because they signed up for it, that is why they are heroes. Would you “sign up for it”? That usually shuts them up pretty quickly.


  5. Jane Heath says:

    Well, I agree with you. The great part of it, I feel, it is certain amount of Pride in my heart for what he does. Many prayers and rosaries are said for all our police and soldiers. All we can ask is the Good Lord keep a good eye out to keep them safe. Thank You, Jane Heath P.S He had a total knee replacement from getting kicked in the knee. We are pushing 50 yrs. of marriage and God is still keeping an eye on us. God Bless the Fire Dept., the Police Dept., and all our Military. Thank You.


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