You Are Entitled To Be Wrong

“I’m entitled to my opinion”…

Chuck Burton/Associated Press

Chuck Burton/Associated Press

…not a surprising line in today’s culture of unearned and unnecessary entitlements, along with the constant faux expressions of outrage or offense over ideas and situations that people, in reality, give very very little thought to outside of a cursory check of a headline they glance over in their newsfeed of choice.

While I would never begrudge someone’s interest in giving their opinion on a matter, the truth is that opinions can only be worthy of some measure of sincerity when they are based on some measure of reality.  It seems to me that many people making noise these days in the multi-angled “anti-cop” movement are only sharpening their ability to cherry pick words and rearrange them in ways that support their own presuppositions; which themselves appear to have been formed in a vacuum devoid of objectivity.

Such so-called “opinions” that shout tolerance to the masses have shown up to the masquerade party entertaining those who gaze on the elaborate costume that merely covers what they really are: tyrannies. You see, tyrants hate to be questioned but they know that they cannot lead the sheep astray easily by simple brute force, or they would scatter and be uncontrollable. Rather, they must be deceived through crafty re-construction of legitimate ideas; they must respond to common and objective sense through sleight of words and personal attacks.

As I type these thoughts, people around the country (and perhaps in many places around the watching world) are re-working a group of racist, assaultive, disrespectful and distasteful criminals into sweet, innocent and harmless pool party loving kids.  They are taking fine men and women (one fine man in particular) who daily take on a risk few embrace in order to serve; to serve the communities they are sworn to protect, to serve for the sake of their families and friends, to serve for the greater good of a society watching what they hold dear slide away like a California mudslide, to serve and protect even those who would seek to destroy others–they are taking these police officers and turning them into vengeful fascist pigs seeking to target people who aren’t like them and “mow down” innocents at every turn and opportunity.  The tyrants are tempting you to believe that cops will stop at nothing to ruin your freedom by simply taking your life on a whim.

Pause and consider the utter absurdity of that concept.

You see, the fact of the matter is that each day, tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of people encounter the police and emerge unscathed from the encounter.  Perhaps they were stopped for a traffic violation; perhaps they called to obtain a police report; perhaps they needed help and didn’t know where to turn; perhaps they were just on the other end of a friendly wave. While I’m at it, perhaps they were being walked around at Christmas time by an officer assisting a child buying gifts for their family; perhaps they were being encouraged in their school by an officer to stay on the straight and narrow and follow their passions in the future and succeed; perhaps they are writing a thank you note to an officer for saving their brother or sister. Not surprisingly, even those arrested by the police overwhelmingly walk out of their jail cell or their court date without any animosity over the matter.  How many millions of encounters with the police are positive and ultimately unremarkable? Here’s a hint: almost every single one of them.

But how can this be true if cops are just a cog in the institutional racism machine? How can this be true if cops are going wholly unchecked in their need to exercise their authority with raw brutality? How can this be true if cops are too militarized and blatantly unconstitutional in their response to crime?  It can only be true if you altogether ignore objectivity in favor of a self-serving agenda.

Early this week, my partners and I responded to a gruesome scene of a double homicide, involving a child. No details are necessary but suffice it to say that this is the stuff nightmares are made of. Thanks to the efforts of many officers involved, the suspect was apprehended within hours of the initial response. He was taken into custody without incident; without fanfare; without violence or loud voices. He was transported to a police station where he was photographed, fingerprinted and placed in a cell with a blanket. He wasn’t beaten, he wasn’t taunted, he wasn’t mistreated in any way.  This man, accused (and confessed to) of murdering two people in vicious cold blood did not receive what any human with a functioning moral compass would want him to receive. No, we will leave that to the due process of law and pray that its execution will be swift and severe. In response to the unthinkable, and unfortunately not uncommon in this world, it wasn’t savagery that this miserable man was shown, but restraint.

Now, what was it someone was saying about there being a rampant problem with cops abusing their authority again?

I welcome disagreement, even spirited debate, but only when it’s between people trying to actually get at the heart of the matter; only when it’s about digging for what’s truly underneath and not when it’s simply a means to justify one’s own foolish thoughts and endeavors.

So yes, dim witted cop criticizer, you are “entitled to your opinion” but don’t forget: you’re entitled to be wrong.

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2 Responses to You Are Entitled To Be Wrong

  1. Linda McDonald says:

    I couldn’t have said it better


  2. cmdorsey says:

    Absolutely Right!
    Perhaps you have seen/heard the fb post in which a young man, holding two automatic weapons, is telling people to kill police officers. Yes, the photo & the language indicate racism.
    A few nights ago, while performing a traffic stop, three Orlando FL police officers were fired on by someone in a passing car. The young man who was stopped could easily have been shot, as well as the officers and anyone else in the area. This was on a street in front of an apartment complex. Fortunately, no one was injured.
    This kind of race-baiting violence is an outrage! I hope the perpetrator of this vitriol will be arrested and locked up for a long time.


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