Bio: A group of creatives that is dedicating their talent to encouraging and supporting our Law Enforcement and their families. This is not a site where we are willing to allow negative comments about Law Enforcement. Don't even waste your time. If you want to debate something, leave it to the comment sections in your local news paper. It isn't welcome here. This is a place to encourage and support our Law Enforcement Families. HTB Productions 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4184 Valley Cottage, NY 10989

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  1. Patricia Garcia says:

    This are great reads! Thank you so much.


  2. Clady says:

    I’m so glad you are sharing your thoughts with us. And you’re right, this is no place for any negativity whatsoever. You have my complete support! Chris W.


  3. CopLife says:

    Wow. Good stuff. Appreciate what you’ve put here. I shared it on our facebook page and would love for you to permit me to post it on our site


    • Absolutely! That is why it’s here! Thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.


      • Michelle says:

        OMG, I am so glad I found you and this page.I want you to know, that i support you and your cause and I want to help you and all law enforcement in any way possible. I am a 39 year old mother and wife and I respect every single person in uniform. What they do, I couldnt do. That said, I want to spread the word that police lives matter by public speaking–in communities throughout the east coast. I compete in pageants, and will be representing Florida in the Mrs USA Universal pageant in Reno Nevada, winners advancing to Mrs Universe where they will take their platform (mine being Blue lives matter) world wide. What a way to put the pressure on for change, appreciation, and the backing of local and state governments. So, I am simply offering my help and support in any way you see fit. If there are events being organized and I can be part of it, please let me know. A crown and Title goes a long way–we are taken serious because of the positive message we spread. We who compete in this pageant system; are family women who compete for a great cause of our choice. Our foundation is based on giving back to the community. Currently, I am pushing a White House petition to have a national police day..in short. I am not the creator of the petition, but I am sharing and posting the petition and asking for more signatures than the petition requires. #ifwewantchangebethechange #bluelivesmatter #policelivesmatter #supportyourlocalpolice Again, I am so happy i found you and this page and had to offer my help in any way you need.


      • Michelle – I would love to chat! Do you want to email me at @ policelivesmatter2014@gmail.com? We can exchange some ideas!


  4. So Thankful you are writing this! Thank You!


  5. Gary Cogan says:

    Exceptional writing. Insightful, considerate, thoughtful and kind. It’s an important message and few are willing to call out. You are touching people all over the world. This LEO appreciates your voice. I joined cause I find hate and bullying horrendous. Yet now I’m supposed to be the problem? Keep up your great work. On an artistic note, you write with incredible style and empathy.
    Well done.


  6. 'ter says:

    I generally agree with your take. It seems that civil liberties now means, “do whatever you want,” and “please don’t look at me in that way which is communicating to me that you might want to shout at me just because I am currently vandalizing your property, life, environment….. etc. I have every right to behave in an out of control manner – I have my rights you know and you do not!”

    All the best ~ ‘ter


  7. Hi. Your posts are a cruel and crude realization of how our society is becoming dangerously anti establishmentarian. It is very hard to fathom and swallow the intent and social translation of these horrible posts against law enforcement. I feel helpless. How much can a repost do?? I have recently come across a wonderful venture http://www.paintingforpeacebook.com/#!Painting-for-Peace-in-Ferguson-Book/cgbi/2 which tries humbly though effectively to communicate the turbulence of Ferguson. It was my thought that if in this effort, law enforcement could also show a fraternal spirit, as victims themselves, in this painting for peace initiative then perhaps a more substantial movement of healing can be made.
    Hopeful for a movement of mending and rebuilding. A movement always starts with a very few determined and probably “goodness prevails” advocates.


  8. brother of a guy with a badge says:

    So, I knew that thing were getting bad but I had noo idea how bad they were getting. I do not use Facebook, Twitter or any types of social media. I can’t believe people are stalking officers and their family members. Even more so I can’t believe people have put a price on these lives. I love my brother, and I’m so proud of him for being a officer. I stand behind him and the badge! I stand behind you and the cause you are fighting for! For you and our boys in blue THANK YOU AND KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!


  9. Lois Flores says:

    Help. A long story, and I’m happy to share more details. Bottom line…is there a link to the “Dear Officer, I See You” clip that we can show in our church service to promote people to attend our police memorial day service in our city? I believe there are technical and legal things with showing YouTube so I wanted to see if it was anyplace else.



  10. Kristal Jackson says:

    It is so refreshing to see this blog! I have been watching too much news and it is making me so upset! I want to thank all the police officers and their families!! I SUPPORT OUR POLICE OFFICERS!!!!! Thank you for risking your life every day to protect us!! All Lives Matter!

    Thank you again,


  11. Bryan says:

    First off I would like to thank the writers and everyone who put this website together. I came across the officer I see you video on YouTube and I came to check out your website. I have been a Sheriff’s Deputy for ten years and even still to this day it is awesome to know that so many people are still in our corner. In this day and age all you see on social media and television is the negativity that they portray about our profession. Rarely do you see the good that one of our fellow brothers or sisters do on the job. So thank everyone for promoting and supporting the whole law enforcement family. And thank you to everyone else who supports us that I won’t ever get to meet. Keep up the awesome fight and you have my full support and I will tell everyone that I meet along the way that supports us to come check out your site


  12. J.J. Hensley says:

    Thanks for creating this page. The posts do not come across as reactionary (which is sometimes the case in blogs), but are well thought-out and logical. Nice work.

    J.J. Hensley – novelist and former LEO.

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  13. The laws of physics tell us that, for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Accordingly, the upside to all of the recent cop-hating is that the voices of the police, and those that appreciate the police, are finally being heard in the echo created by the screaming haters. I do not know if the public is listening, but LEO’s and our families are, and we are grateful.

    Keep up the good work, you are doing a great job.

    Jim Golaszewski
    Artist and recently retired LEO

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